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What is Real Estate Listing Syndication?

Real estate listings syndication is simply the best way to get your listings seen by the maximum number of real estate buyers and renters. Listing syndication takes your single listing and distributes it across many real estate websites, real estate portals and search engines to maximise the exposure your listing gets. These combined sites get much more traffic than any individual site and get your listing out to the public in the broadest manner possible.

What real estate websites are listings syndicated to?

Listings are syndicated to the biggest real estate portals online. These portals include,,,, Padmapper, ApartmentList, Lovely, Backpage, RadPad and many more.

Simply put because it is the most cost-effective and time-saving marketing method you have for your listing and all your competitors are doing it. That means whilst they're reaching tens of millions of visitors a month and selling homes and renting apartments your listing is getting left behind by not being syndicated.

How do I get my listings syndicated?

It's easy to get started with listings syndication. All you have to do is sign up and add your listings ONCE and we'll syndicate it to all our partners for you. We offer a 14-day free trial to our service and it only costs $29/month after your trial ends to continue to syndicate all your listings.

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